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Forgings for mining industry

Forgings for mining industry

Forgings for mining industry (crushing shafts, rings, driving wheels, stepped shafts, axes, gears, barrels, and cubes). Our company produces forgings for mining industry, including but not limited to crushing shafts, rings, driving wheels, axes, gears, stepped shafts, etc.

For mining and crushing equipment: forgings for large mining and walking excavators, boring machines, box-type crushers, ball and rod mills, etc.

Forgings for mining and crushing as well as grinding equipment: shafts, axes, gears, etc. are made of steel grades 40CrNi2MoA, 40CrNiMoA, 34CrNi1MoA, 34CrNi3MoA, 38CrNi3MoVA, St.20, St.45, etc.

Dimensions of forgings

Forgings produced at presses:

  • Shafts and bars (forgings with round, square and rectangular section), smooth and stepped: maximum length is 6 000 mm; diameter (height, width) beginning from 150 mm; Pipes: maximum length is 6 000 mm;
  • maximum internal diameter 1800 mm, walls beginning from 100 mm; Perforated barrels, smooth and stepped: length is up to 6 000 mm; internal diameter from 150 mm, external diameter up to 2000 mm, wall thickness at least 100 mm;
  • Discs, solid and perforated ones: internal diameter is at least 100 mm; external diameter 300 to 3 200 mm; height minimum 150 mm; Rings: external diameter is up to 2 000 mm;
  • height up to 2 000 mm, wall thickness at least 100 mm; Shells: diameter is up to 3 500 mm; height up to 2 500 mm, wall thickness 100 to 900 mm; Plates: length is up to 6 000 mm;
  • width up to 3 000 mm, height up to 1 000 mm;
  • Hammer forgings (shafts, barrels, plates, discs, rings, cubes, crushing shafts, and gears) weighing up to 1 500 kg: internal diameter is 50-250 mm;
  • external diameter 100 mm, width up to 480 mm, height up to 400 mm, length up to 6 000 mm with wall thickness of 20 mm. Delivery condition: as a blackwork or after machine treatment with all necessary destructive and non-destructive inspections performed;
  • heat treatment available on demand.

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