Forgings. Manufacturing Forgings

To date, we have the opportunity to manufacture forgings of different types with weight ranges from 20 to 9000 kg, diameter up to 800 mm, length up to 8000 cm (maximum diameter of manufactured forgings’ band: 1800-2000 mm ) of the following grades of steels:

1. Structural, carbon, alloyed: S355j2G3, C22 (1.1151), C45 (1.1192), 42Cr4 (1.7045), 66Mn4, 102Cr6, 40NiCr6, 42CrMo4, 15CrMo5, X12CrMo5, 34CrNiMo6, 40NiCrMo6, 55NiCrMoV6 (1.2713) etc.

2. Stainless steel: X20Cr13 (1.4021), X12CrNiTi18 -9 (1.4541), X5CrNi18- 10 (1.4301), X10CrNiMoTi18- 12 (1.4571)

Besides that, we produce machinery parts for the repair of existing equipment in almost all industries:

  • forgings for for metallurgical production;
  • forgings for mining industry; 
  • forgings for energy industry;  
  • forgings for shipbuilding;  
  • forgings for the petrochemical industry.

We are well aware of the range of spare parts for logging, mining industry, machine building, and metallurgy. This includes the following:

  • cogwheels, cogwheels shafts, gears, and pairs of all kinds;
  • drive shafts, spindle pivots, sets of rolling mills;
  • power clutches;
  • cylinders and plungers;
  • housing and waterworks valves;
  • rolls and mandrels for rolling mills;
  • anvils for forging presses and hammers;
  • round and combined (circle - square) shafts of cross-sections, smooth, stepped, eccentric, crankshaft, etc.;
  • smooth and stepped rectangular blocks;
  • spacers, wheels, tires, hollow cylinders, etc.;
  • couplings, pins, etc.

1. Non-destructive testing:

  • Entrance test for material replacement
  • Magnetic test of surface quality
  • Ultrasonic tests
  • Hardness tests
  • Penetration tests
  • Visual tests

2. Destructive testing in laboratory:

  • Tensile test at room temperature
  • Tensile test at raised temperature
  • Test by impact in bend
  • Ranking of microstructure
  • Ranking of macrostructure
  • Test of microcleanness
  • Austenite grain size
  • Depth of decarbonized section
  • Complete evaluation of the microstructure
  • Chemical analysis

Types of heat treatments in the manufacture of forgings:

  • high frequency currents;
  • normalization, hardening, carburizing.

Capacity of the press: 2000 tons. Gost manufacturing forgings under the order a method open forging

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10 Мая, 2016
Изготовление поковок различных типов массой от 20 до 9000 кг, диаметром до 800 мм, длиной до 8000 см

Марки сталей: конструкционная, углеродистая, легированная: 09Г2С, 17Г1С, 20-45, 40Х, 65Г, 9Х1, 9Х2МФ, 40ХН, 35ХМ, 35ХГСА, 15ХМ, 15Х5М, 34ХН1М, 5ХНМ, 40ХН2МА, 4Х5МФС и др

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10 Мая, 2016
Украина: ПАО «Энергомашспецсталь» (ЭМСС)

ПАО «Энергомашспецсталь» (ЭМСС, отгрузило заготовку гидровала для Нижне-Бурейской гидроэлектростанции в адрес ОАО «Силовые машины».

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22 Июня, 2015
GIFA, METEC, THERMPROCESS, NEWCAST, International Metallurgy Trade Fair

16-20 june 2015 in Dusseldorf, Germany held exhibitions with 78,000 visitors from more than 120 countries GIFA, METEC, THERMPROCESS and NEWCAST.

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10 Мая, 2015
Машиностроение и металлургия 2015

6-28 мая, Украина, Запорожье, Выставочный центр «Козак-Палац»

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